WEERSLAG W/ Thomas Schumacher

Rijnkaai 4 2000 Antwerpen 30-09-2022 23:00 - 01-10-2022 06:00

For this edition we invite none other than Thomas Schumacher, a household name in the Techno scene. This Berlin-based DJ and producer makes light of his status as one of the most enduring, versatile artists in electronic music.
In all the years he's been making music, he's seen every possible label. Drumcode, Suara and Noir Music Official are just a few of them. Not to forget his own label Electric Ballroom. With his classic "The house of House remix" he's made the festivity unforgettable for many people but his most recent EP Crimson, has also been warmly received by audiences and connoisseurs alike.

Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm and respect that we invite this legend into the infamous Techno basement of Antwerp: Club Vaag.

├ LINE UP ┤ Alphabetic order

├ DØEMP (Club Vaag)
├ Manezz (Fuse, Club Vaag)
├ Thomas Schumacher (Drumcode, Electric Ballroom)
├ Weerman (La Rocca, Club Vaag)


├ Friday 29th of April 2022  Doors: 23h - ...
├ Come and dance the night away ┤

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