The Morning Circle - 31 October 2021

Nieuwe Hemweg 14 A 1013 BG Amsterdam 31-10-2021 09:30 - 31-10-2021 14:00

The Morning Circle is about connecting from within, by centering around the ancient tradition of the ritual.

A ritual is a loving act accessible to everyone. A ritual brings to life what is of importance to you, and by making it a daily anchor point, you will be reminded of your personal values, and eventually, to who you really are. Rituals lead the way to healing and unity.

The content of the Morning Circle changes along with to the prevailing season. On Sunday 31 October we celebrate the Autumn season.

In ancient history and shamanic tradition, autumn is linked to the West, the dusk and nightfall. In the Autumn-themed Morning Circles, we pay attention to letting go and finding our true identity. And just like Nature does, we turn inwards. When trees let their leaves fall off, this is our time to recognize old layers, habits or patterns and let them go. With this, we intend to find our inner vision and give meaning to life. 

The Morning Circle knows a set structure and a changing thematic. This Morning is a 4,5 hour experience and you will be guided by Chanti & Edwin. What to expect:

- Welcome drink & light snack
- Grounding exercise
- Movement: osho-inspired & the 5 Tibetan rites
- Guided meditation & breathing 
- Drinking ritual of ceremonial cacao, plant medicine of the indigenous Maya, Guatemala
- Live sound journey & mantra singing
- Philosophy talks
- Journaling & Sharing rounds 
- Eating nourishing breakfast bowl
- Home made brews, kombucha, herbal infused water & The morning chai

Included in your experience:
- Journal + pen
- Crystal + candle
- Ceremonial cacao + breakfast
- Hot & cold drinks
- Yoga mat + meditation pillow are provided by us

Most of the aspects of the ritual are created for you to take home and integrate into your daily rhythm. 

Extra info:
In consideration of the consent of The Morning to provide you with services, you voluntarily agree to the following terms and conditions of purchase. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not purchase a ticket.

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