Coqtales Presents: Your Magic Mike Experience 19-09-2020

Rozengracht 117 1016 LV Amsterdam 19-09-2020 22:30 - 19-09-2020 23:59

Having an Amsterdam girls night out? Whether it’s a special occasion or just a regular friend’s reunion, Coqtales will make it unforgettable! Hot guys, delicious drinks and outrageous fun!

Coqtales is a brand new, first-class ladies night experience. Others aim high, we aim above and beyond.

To provide you and the girls with the fullest and funnest night of your life, we’ve extended our concept. Enjoy an exceptional four-course meal in a top of the line restaurant! Just what you need before your amazing Coqtales show.

And free admission to one of the best clubs in Amsterdam is naturally part of the deal as well!

We are the best all male show in Amsterdam, performing in front, behind, above and below. Your wish is our desire!

Join us for just one night and see what Hulk Heaven is really like!

Get ready for Coqtales.

• Be alerted: It is not possible to cancel the full booking or loose ticket seats.

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