10Y R Label Group x Unreal - Rotterdam

Ahoyweg 10 3084 BA Rotterdam 09-12-2023 23:00 - 10-12-2023 08:00

R LABEL GROUP is a Berlin-based techno record label founded in 2013 by Kobosil. Over the years, the label has become well-known for its unique sound, art direction, and consistently high-quality music output. The label has demonstrated versatility by collaborating with artists from other genres, such as German hip-hop artist UFO361 and singer-songwriter Rosa Anschütz.
R LABEL GROUP has established itself as a solid player in the techno scene by consistently pushing the boundaries of the genre and discovering new talent. 
In addition to releasing music, R LABEL GROUP is also actively involved in organizing events and parties throughout Europe, further cementing its reputation as a driving force in the techno community.
Be a part of their 10 Year anniversary.

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